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Lost Your Marbles? 


Find them all here at MarbleFree.com

  • We do not have a Facebook group or page. We have enough real friends already, and you may be one.

  • We do not Tweet. Though the ubiquitous Twitter Worldwide Information Teams (TWITs) want us to join them.

  • We do not have a Myspace page (does anybody??). We like our space, as it were.

  • We do not send out Email newsletters or share your email address with anyone.

  • We will respond to your email.

  • We only speak to groups upon invitation and we use NO Powerpoint presentations. We actually talk with you about simplifying your life, home and work.

  • We have simplified our lives and found our marbles. You can find your marbles too.

If you must tweet, please help save the world with our MarbleFree Twittergraph movement. Twittergraph is simply tweeting in Morse Code. Darn you to heck, Samuel Morse, for starting the Social Media phenomena with that newfangled contraption - the telegraph!
Here's a one page essay about our movement.

Improve your marbles-deficit
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Our totally FREE, 12-step program at MarbleFree.com is just what you need if you can't seem to get it together anymore, are in your mid-life crisis, want to get rid of that boy toy or girlfriend on the side and get back with your spouse, or find yourself checking your 401K balance (what's left of it) or stock portfolio everyday. The US budget deficit, the stock market averages, your spousal relationship, and your marbles-deficit are directly correlated. And we'll help you at least find your marbles (if not improve your net worth) without resorting to violence, drugs, doughnuts, deities, or big dollars.

Best of all ... You can follow our 12 steps online, at your leisure, Free, and begin to get some of your marbles back!

Sometimes, it can seem that the whole world is against us!
(I'm not paranoid ... I don't care what everybody says!)

It's a story we've heard time and time again.

  • Maybe your retirement is not looking so attractive these days.

  • Maybe AIG just raised your insurance rates because they are not satisfied with the $165,000,000 + in bonuses we've given them.

  • Maybe you're living on Fast Food, and delivered pizza is your family's only real meal together.

  • Or maybe your kids are glued to the computer or iPhone updating their FaceBook status or leveling-up their awesome characters at World of Warcraft.

  • Like me, you may have about 2 true friends and a gazillion wannabee friends on Facebook. Essay contest:  Compare and contrast "Friend" and "Acquaintance".

  • Or perhaps your cell phone or windows phone or iphone is crapping out again and you can't keep up with all the calls and meetings!

  • Read?? What's that? I'll bet you don't even know where your local library is, now do you? Quiz:  Can you find your library card?

Our 12-step program at MarbleFree.com is just what you need to Slow Down! ... Simplify! Contrary to what you may have heard, there really are enough hours in the day. And too much time on your hands should be your goal.

Mantra:    Do what you like ... Like what you do.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve your marbles deficit by
1. Simplifying your life
2. Clarifying life's meaning
3. Allowing you to find more precious time

Vision Statement

We envision a simplified world based on rational thought and spiritual freedom. We see a future full of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all with guidance from MarbleFree.com.

You'll begin to take control of those things in your life that you can control, and let go of those things that are out of your control. Things you can not control may include a philandering spouse, a neighbor's dog fertilizing your lawn, a city council on a development spree, or your congressional representative caught with his pants down in an airport bathroom. After practicing one, some, or all of our 12 steps, you'll begin to understand that happiness is your right and your duty.

Jerry Grinstead

President and Director of Social Media, National Marshmallow Roasters Institute, Founder of the Marblefree Twelve-step Program

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A donation of a dollar or two helps us keep this site up and running, but we attempt to help everyone with a marbles deficit for free.

And For a $5 donation or more, you'll get a laminated MarbleFree Membership card with the 12 steps listed on the back. It is also your certification as a MarbleFree 12-step Therapist! As a Certified MarbleFree Twelve-Step Therapist (CMTST), all you have to do is point people to this web site and our 12-steps!

Thank you!

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