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Lost Your Marbles??? - Symptoms


Symptoms begin with:
  • Irritability with coworkers and family
  • Mumbling to yourself about all the work to be done
  • Forgetting your kid's/spouse's/mother's birthday
  • Forgeting to eat
  • Storming out of meetings that are unproductive
  • Forgetting where you parked
Symptoms escalate to:
  • Sitting at your desk or on a bench downtown, rocking back and forth
  • Arguing loudly with people ... that only you can see
  • Forgetting your kid's/wife's/mother's name
  • Shaving all your hair off after a binge weekend, leaving the kids with ... um ... who did you leave them with?
  • Eating coworkers' lunches you find in the office fridge at work
  • Sending explicit email to your favorite Congressional page
  • Stopping your car only because you suddenly don't recognize anything
  • Wearing a diaper while driving so you don't have to stop at the 7-11 to go, while stalking your boyfriend's new girlfriend from Texas to Florida, and then spraying her with pepperspray, while your husband watches your three kids back home
  • Unbending all the paperclips ... just because ...
  • Laughing hysterically, and pointing at that ringing phone on your desk (that only you can hear)
  • Sitting in the pews listening to Jeremiah Wright for 20 years.


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